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Illuvium Game Guide: What We Know as of June 2022?

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If you ever wondered how to make money with cryptocurrency, play-to-earn games are definitely something to consider. Unlike other play-to-earn games, Illuvium promises to be more than just a way to earn some tokens while battling miniature virtual monsters.

Besides the super impressive graphics built with Unreal Engine 4, Illuvium has also great RPG gameplay mixed with some strategy elements, where you can explore a ruined planet populated by marvelous beasts with different powers, called Illuvials.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get started with Illuvium, what you need to know about the game, and what upcoming features to expect in the near future.

Illuvium Game Overview

These are the main topics covered in our Illuvium guide:

What is Illuvium?

Illuvium is an upcoming play-to-earn RPG game, developed on the Ethereum blockchain, where players will explore an open fantasy world, and defeat and catch creatures known as Illuvials.

The Illuvials can be captured and used to fight other players. The players will be able to earn rewards for each challenge. They will also earn in-game items that can later be traded as well.

Illuvium Info

Name Illuvium
Type Play-to-Earn Game
Genre RPG Fantasy Open-World
Platforms PC iOS PlayStation
Release Date Q2 2022
Free-to-Play NFT Required
Governance Token Illuvium (ILV)
Ingame Token Escrowed Illuvium (sILV2)
Blockchain ERC-20
Trade Illuvium (ILV) on Binance

Illuvium Gameplay

illuvium gameplay

The game involves players in a fantasy world and begins with a spaceship crashing into an alien world featuring various environments, severe weather or climate, and bizarre creatures.

In this fantastic open-world game, players portray themselves as Hunters who will explore, capture beasts, and unlock strange obelisks that will allow them to travel fats and discover more of the map. Players begin with a free-to-play experience in the Tier 0 regions of the world. This is aimed to guide the users on how the game works. However ultimately, the players will need to play the paid version to collect NFTs.

By completing different challenges, the players will be able to discover and accumulate several in-game NFTs assets that can later be traded for cryptocurrency. The game offers around 100 Illuvials that belong to different classes with different affinities. 

Role of in-game Asset:

  • Players can make their Illuvials more powerful as they win battles and complete quests.
  • They can be traded on NFT marketplaces along with other in-game assets. 
  • The in-game currency known as sILV2 can be earned by staking ILV
  • The NFTs have some real-world value and are backed by the Ethereum blockchain.

The Illuvials

The core purpose of the project is to collect and customize NFT-based Illuvial that will have their own affinity and class. There are five classes and five affinities in total with unique powers and imperfections.

Illuvial Classes:

  • Fighter
  • Guardian
  • Rogue
  • Psion
  • Empath

Illuvial Affinities:

  • Water
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Nature
  • Air
illuvial creature

Players can fuse two different or similar illuvial affinities to bring out a more powerful combination. For example, by combining air and water you will get a frost Illuvial, whereas two fire affinities can be fused to get an inferno. The in-game assets are stored in items called shards that can vary in strength. 


The game features the fusion of Illuvials for making them more powerful. After collecting three fully-leveled Illuvials, players can fuse them into more powerful individual Illuvial that will help the players to fight better and make them a more valuable token. The holders will be able to earn money through the play to earn game if they sell them.


The players will enter a matchmaking queue in the Ranked Arena after they have captured Illuvials and battled with them. In the Leviathan Arena, they can also invite individual players and challenge them to a battle. The Leviathan Arena lets spectators bet on their match.

Weapons and armor

The game lets players participate through their characters along with their chosen Illuvials. They can also select weapons and armor before the match that are also represented as NFTs, just as Illuvials are. The outcome of the battle will depend on what kind of weapon or armor the player has selected. 

Illuvium Coin

The game offers two ERC-20 cryptocurrencies known as ILV and sILV2 which are used to empower the metaverse open-world game.

ILV – The governance token

With ILV token you can participate in yield farming, staking, and governance of the Illuvium DAO. This means that players who own ILV, can vote and select council members for the game, to help the team decide which features to implement and how the game should progress.

Players will receive rewards in either ILV or sILV2 after staking that has a lock-up period of one year. The period helps in ensuring that trading pairs between ILV and other coins maintain high liquidity. The project uses several revenue streams including in-game purchases to fund rewards.

Illuvium (ILV) price evolution

Illuvium price USD chart as of June 2022
Illuvium price USD chart as of June 2022 – Coinmarketcap

The ILV coin has seen impressive price growth since the game’s launch in December 2020. The price of ILV has grown from $29,77 on June 22, 2021, to an all-time high of $1,844 on November 30, 2021, representing a growth of over 6,000%. The price growth was mainly due to the increasing popularity of the game and the small amount of ILV coins in circulation (650,861.12 ILV as of June 15, 2022).

As more and more people learn about this game and its unique play-to-earn mechanics, the demand for ILV will continue to grow, which is likely to lead to even more price growth in the future.

As of 15, June 2022, the Illuvium price is trading at $166, being affected by the current market conditions.

sILV2 – The in-game token

While the ILV coin is the native cryptocurrency of this metaverse game, it’s not used as a currency in the game itself. Instead, all transactions in the game are done with sILV2, which can be acquired by staking ILV or by playing the Illuvium game and completing various tasks and challenges, once the game is released.

Illuvium Stacking

Illuvium coin staking

The Illuvium game offers a staking program that allows players to earn rewards by staking their ILV coins on the platform. The amount of rewards you can earn depends on the number of ILV coins you stake and the length of time you stake them for.

How to stake your ILV coins in 9 easy steps:

  1. Choose your Ethereum Wallet: You will need an Ethereum-compatible crypto wallet to stake ILV such as the MetaMask wallet browser extension since it offers an easy connection to numerous DeFi platforms.
  2. Purchase some ILV tokens from Binance exchange or any other reputable crypto exchange platform.
  3. Transfer your ILV from Binance to your MetaMask wallet.
  4. Connect your wallet: Visit Illuvium’s staking platform and connect your wallet.
    Connecting MetaMask wallet on Illuvium staking platform
  5. Choose a pool: While on the staking page, click the “Pools” button. This will take you to a page where you can choose between two core pools, ILV and ILV/ETH. Choose your pool and click “Stake”.
    Illuvium staking pools
  6. Choose a lock period and the ILV amount. The minimum lock period is 1 month and the maximum lock period is 12 months. The longer you stake your ILV coins, the higher the rewards you will earn.
    staking Illuvium example, ILV amount and APY
  7. Confirm the transaction: a pop-up window will appear where you need to approve the transaction for your MetaMask Wallet.
  8. Choose how to claim your rewards. Rewards claimed in ILV are subject to a 12months vesting period, which means you will receive small portions periodically, during a year. On the other hand, if you choose to be rewarded in sILV2, you can receive the full amount instantly (and use them as in-game currency or in future land sales).
  9. Claim your vested rewards: Visit the vesting tab periodically and collect your rewards (or collect them all at the end of the 12-month vesting period).

How to Earn Money in Illuvium?

The game lets you earn revenue from in-game purchases of items, crafting components, cosmetics, and shard curing. The players will get a 100% of the revenue if they staked their ILV token elements to the game and the rewards will also be distributed through the ILV buyback system. Moreover, you will be able to list your NFTs known as Illuvialls, as well as sell fuel extracted from your Land, on IlluviDex (the official marketplace) for trading.


Different land tiers on IlluviDEX marketplace

IlluviDex is the official marketplace where you can buy, sell, or trade your in-game assets such as Illuvials, Land, and Equipment, with zero gas fees, thanks to integration with Immutable X. So far only the Land tab is available, the Illuvitars and Illuvials features are still under development.

In the Illuvitars IlluviDEX tab, players will be able to buy and sell modular, configurable NFT-based avatars that can be used across all Illuvium games.

On the Illuvials marketplace tab, players will be able to sell, buy and trade their Illuvials creatures.

It’s worth mentioning that the prices in IlluviDex will be set by the players themselves, which means that you could find some great deals if you’re willing to look around a bit.

Illuvium Land

Iluvium land sale map
Illuvium land map

Illuvium land is basically an NFT (non-fungible token) that you can own, develop and manage through the mobile and desktop companion app, which generates revenue earnings (not available in the alpha version), and other necessary resources in the game. Players owning land (Tier 1 to 5), will be able to extract fuel, which can eventually be sold for Ethereum (ETH).

Illuvium land sale

In Illuvium, there is a tier zero land, where players can try the game for free, and five different paid land tiers (Tier 1 – 5). Each tier represents the rarity and resource generation capability. The higher the tier, the better resource generation is, and therefore more expensive to acquire. Tier zero is not connected to the blockchain, and therefore there will be no earning potential.

In addition, Tier 5 is considered special, as it provides the highest rate of resource generation. Apparently, there will be only two Tier 5 lands for sale and each of them will include a legendary Arena, where esports tournaments will be hosted, providing unique earning opportunities for participants and land owners.

Illuvium Zero

Illuvium zero is a mobile and desktop companion game, where players can manage and develop their land plots, and create a digital industrial complex that interacts with the main Illuvium game. An Open Alpha version of this companion game is planned to be released this year, which will offer players the possibility to earn rare blueprints (NFTs) for new skins.

To extract the most value from your purchased Land, you have to dedicate a minimum amount of time every day, as the more time you spend in this game, the better the rewards will be.

What Makes Illuvium Special?

illuvium play-to-earn game

Illuvium is known as the first triple-A blockchain-based video game. Unlike the previous iterations, such as CryptoKittes and Axie Infinity, Illuvium has a much broader scope. It features a fully 3D open world, with over 100 distinctive Illuvials creatures.

Below are some of the outstanding features that make it special:

Layer-2 Integration

Illuvium is built on Immutable X (IMX) which is a layer-2 solution that offers zero gas fees, instant transaction, and management of assets using IMX.

The IlluviDEX

It is a built-in decentralized exchange (DEX) platform for exchanging Illuvium assets. It deducts a 5% fee from each sale that is funneled into the rewards pool for ILV stakers.

Yield Farming

This program assigns 30% of ILV that will be distributed to users contributing liquidity through various partner reward schemes.

Illuvium Release Date

Illuvium private beta registration

As of mid-June 2022, the stable version of Illuvium is not yet released, but the Illuvium Private Beta 1 is open for registration. This allows developers to collect feedback from testers, and make the necessary changes before the game goes live. The Private Beta 1 will be followed by a Public Beta testing later this year, as well as the release of Illuvium: Zero, the game companion app.

To join the Illuvium Private Beta 1, you need to create an account on the official Illuvium website and complete the Beta Application Form. However, as they mentioned, the spots will be limited, and the selected users will be notified by email as well as all the required instructions on how to play and provide feedback.

What are the Differences between Illuvium and Axie Infinity (AXS)?


  • Both are metaverse-based games.
  • Both games feature in-game assets that can be collected, battled, upgraded, and traded.
  • The games share the same gamified DeFi element.
  • Illuvium and Axies Infinity are backed by the same blockchain, Ethereum.


  • Illuvium is a 3 dimensional RPG game, while Axie Infinity is a 2D game.
  • Axie’s Infinity features creatures inspired by Pokemon.
  • The storyline of Illuvium is not fully revealed. 
  • Axie Infinity utilizes a random assortment of assets to produce each Axie. Whereas the NFTs of Illuvium are unique and categorized into different classes and affinities. 

Illuvium’s Development Team

The metaverse game has a development team consisting of over 100 individuals and each member has unique experiences across several fields. 


The co-founders of Illuvium are Kieran and Aaron Warwick who are the brothers of Kian Warwick (the founder of DeFi protocol Synthetix)

Game Producer:

The producer of Illuvium is Nate Wells who had previously worked on hit games like Bioshock, The Last of Us, and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Bottom Line

Unlike other metaverse land games and platforms like Upland and Next Earth, Illuvium has a different approach, combining f2p and p2p gaming with blockchain-based NFTs, and a fun and unique play-to-earn model that allows players to earn rewards just by playing the game.

The upcoming features like the Land companion app, the PvP Arena, and Illuvial Trading are also very promising and should make the game even more fun and rewarding to play. We hope this guide has helped you understand a bit more about the game and how to get started.

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Illuvium FAQs

What is an Illuvium coin?

ILV is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. It plays a vital role in governance voting, liquidity mining, and vault distributions.

Where can I buy Illuvium?

You can buy Illuvium on Binance or exchange. However, we highly recommend Binance as it's the most popular, user-friendly exchange platform and offers the best price.

How much does it cost Illuvium?

As of June 2022, according to CoinMarketCap, an Illuvium is worth $160.5.

Where can I sell my Illuvium?

You can buy and sell Illuvium (ILV) on platforms like Binance, SushiSwap, 1inch, CoinSpot, and Kucoin.

Will Illuvium be on the console?

Yes, the team is planning to build a PC, mobile version, and console versions for Illuvium.

Is the Illuvium game out?

The game Illuvium is anticipated by many and according to the project’s roadmap, its release date is scheduled for Q1 2022.

Does Coinbase have Illuvium?

As of the time of writing, Illuvium (ILV) is not listed on Coinbase.

Does Binance have Illuvium?

Yes, Illuvium (ILV) is listed on Binance. To buy Illuvium on Binance, you need to create an account and go through the KYC and AML procedures.

What blockchain is Illuvium on?

The project Illuvium is backed by the Ethereum blockchain.

Is Illuvium a metaverse?

Illuvium is no doubt a metaverse project where the players get involved in a fantasy digital world.

When was Illuvium created?

Illuvium was created in 2020 and is currently being developed by a team of over 100 individuals.

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