Next Earth beginner's guide 2022 - How to buy metaverse land on this platform

Next Earth Ultimate Guide: How to Buy Metaverse Land (2022)

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With the popularity of play-to-earn platforms like Upland Metaverse and The Sandbox, more and more people are interested in investing in the metaverse and NFT world. So is the case with Next Earth, which is a metaverse land platform, offering investors to buy, stake, and develop NFT-based land tiles mapped to the Earth’s surface.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what Next Earth is, what features it offers, how to purchase metaverse land on this platform, and why it’s an attractive investment opportunity.

Next Earth Metaverse Guide Summary

What Is Next Earth?

Next Earth is a metaverse real estate platform that allows users to instantly buy, sell, mint or stake NFT-based land tiles mapped to the real world, using the Polygon blockchain technology.

By using this platform, users can easily dive into metaverse and purchase new virtual land (also known as minting) either by visiting the Map interface on the platform or by accessing the Marketplace, where they can easily sell, or purchase virtual land tiles owned by other users. However, the cheapest way to purchase virtual land on Next Earth is by minting it, in other words, to become the first owner of undeveloped land.

Types of Land in Nextearth

In this metaverse platform, there are three land types that can be purchased, and they are based on real-world content. These Nextearth land types are water, urban, and non-urban.

Water tiles

Water tiles are considered the cheapest and can contain resources. These tiles are best for creating Land Art (more info below) and yield farming.

Non-urban land

Non-urban land tiles are superior to Water land tiles. Besides the fact that they also contain resources, and can be converted into Land Arts, non-urban land tiles can be used to build structures in this metaverse platform. They are also considered to be the most profitable NFT land types in Next Earth.

For instance, Madison Square Garden virtual land was purchased in November 2021 for 15 BNB (approx. $9,764 at that time) and sold for 50 BNB the same month (approx. $32,500 at that time). Two months later it was sold for 25,000 MATIC (approx $54,500 at that time) in January 2022. Other notable sales include the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, the Pyramids, and many stadiums.

Urban land

Urban tiles are the most common types of land tiles in Nextearth. They cannot be converted into Land Art, and in general, they contain fewer resources than water tiles or non-urban land tiles but have the benefit of name recognition.

How to Buy Metaverse Land on Next Earth

When you buy a metaverse land tile on Next Earth, you are actually buying an NFT that is stored on the Polygon blockchain. This NFT is then mapped to a specific location on Earth, which becomes your virtual land.

You can then do whatever you want with your metaverse land, including selling, or staking it. If the location is famous or next to a famous landmark, the prices can be quite high, but at the same time, they offer the best investment opportunity, as their value is likely to increase faster over time.

There are 3 possible ways to purchase metaverse land in Next Earth:

  • By purchasing a piece of land that has never been owned by other users, using the Map interface.
  • By placing an offer to an existing metaverse land owned by another user, using the Map interface.
  • By purchasing land tiles that have been put up for sale by other users on Marketplace.

1. How to buy new metaverse land using the Map interface

How to buy metaverse land on Next Earth
Selected land tiles on the Next Earth Map page

These are the necessary steps to buy new metaverse land using the Next Earth Map interface:

  1. Create a Next Earth account: Register by filing your desired username, your e-mail address, and password, and click the Register button.
  2. Verify your email address: After clicking the “Register” button, you will need to confirm your registration by clicking the link received in the confirmation email.
  3. Install MetaMask: Install MetaMask either as an extension for the Chrome browser or download the mobile app from the MetaMask official website.
  4. Purchase some MATIC cryptocurrency: You’ll need to have MATIC in your MetaMask wallet as it’s the cryptocurrency used to buy land on Next Earth. You can purchase MATIC on Binance or any other reputable crypto exchange.
  5. Transfer your MATIC from Binance to your MetaMask wallet.
  6. Connect your wallet: While logged into the platform, click the wallet icon visible on the left sidebar. A new window will appear and you’ll need to click the “MetaMask” and afterward the “Sign” button to confirm the connection.
  7. Visit the Map page: While you are still logged in, click the Map icon, which is the first icon from the top-left side menu.
  8. Choose the location you want to buy: Search for a specific location by using the search field visible on the top-left side of your screen or by entering the longitude and latitude coordinates of the desired location.
  9. Zoom in: While on your interested location, you need to zoom in using your mouse wheel, until the squared tiles become visible on your map. You can also click the “#” symbol at the top of the zoom slider visible on the bottom right corner of your screen, which will take you to the right zoom level automatically.
  10. Select the size of your metaverse land: Drag over the map with your mouse to determine the size of your land. Each square represents a land tile. While highlighting an area on the map, you can instantly see in the left sidebar the total price, the price per tile, the address of your chosen location, and the current value of your selected metaverse land.
  11. Use a promo code: When you are ready to purchase the selected metaverse land, click the “Buy Now” button visible on the left sidebar. A new window will pop up where you can see a field named promo code. By using our promo code you get 5% off your final price (click the link and the code will be applied automatically ): 7FZRGDZCGM
  12. Finalize the purchase: Click again the “Buy Now” button (you’ll need to accept the terms by clicking the checkbox) and confirm the transaction with your MetaMask wallet.

2. How to buy metaverse land by placing an offer on the Map interface

How to place an offer to buy a metaverse land on Next Earth

In Next Earth, the grey-colored land tiles are already owned by other people. If you want to buy land owned by someone else, you need to click the desired tiles, and same as purchasing new land, all the info about that land is displayed on the left side of your screen, such as the current owner’s username, the price that the land has been purchased for, the current market value.

At the bottom of the land window, you’ll see 3 buttons, History, Inspect and Place an Offer. Below we’ll take a closer look at each one of them.

  • History: Here you’ll see the list of all previous owners that have purchased that specific metaverse land.
  • Inspect: This is basically a window that includes all the details about the land, as well as the number of views that the land has received, therefore you can get an idea of how popular the land is.
  • Place an offer: as the name suggests, you can place an offer for the land. The current owner of the land will then have the option to accept, reject or counter your offer.

3. How to buy or sell metaverse land through the Marketplace

NextEarth land example for sale on the marketplace
Example of land for sale on Next Earth’s Marketplace

To buy land on the marketplace, visit the marketplace page and use the filters available on the left side of your screen, such as the min or a max price, or browse all the available pieces of virtual lands for sale. Once you find one that catches your attention, click on it to open the listing page.

On the listing page, you can see all the details about that land, such as the owner’s username, the purchased price, the current value, and the asking price. You have two options to get that land, either by clicking the “Buy Now” button or by placing an offer.

If you decide to place an offer, you’ll be prompted to enter the amount you’re willing to pay. The owner will then have the option to accept, reject, or counter your offer. If your offer is accepted or you purchase the land outright, the ownership of that land will be transferred to you.

How to create NFT Land Art

The project provides participants with materials and instructions for creating land art NFTs. Once completed, these NFTs can be shared online, in order to inspire others to get involved, and can be sold in the Marketplace for profit.

These are the required steps to create NFT Land Art in Next Earth:

  1. Purchase the right type of land: The first step is to buy a virtual land that is Land Art compatible, and that is either water or non-urban tiles.
  2. Visit the My Land Arts page and click on any of your Land Art compatible purchased lands, and select “Create Land Art”. The platform offers you a basic NFT editor that you can use to create your Land Art.
  3. Publish your Art: Once you are happy with your design, hit the “Publish LandArt” button on the bottom-right side of your screen, or save it as a draft to continue later. Be aware that once your Land Art is published cannot be modified or removed!

Next Earth Metaverse Platform Explained

This metaverse land platform has the following features, that can be easily accessed via the vertical left-sided menu.

1.  Map

This section makes it simple to locate virtual real estate that fascinates you. It is a visual map that allows you to search for all available pieces of virtual land. You’ll also view each parcel’s current ownership status, as well as any bids submitted by other users.

Aside from browsing the full virtual model of Earth, you may enter a place, or a real-world address to see if those tiles are for sale. You can buy any accessible tile after linking your wallet.

2.  My Lands

This section displays all of the lands you’ve acquired on this platform. Here you can search, sort lands alphabetically, filter the lands by urban, non-urban, or water types, as well as check all your pending, successful, and failed transactions.

3.  My Land Arts

On the My Land Arts page, you can find all your purchased Land Art compatible lands (water or non-urban), and all your created NFT Land Arts.

4.  Marketplace

Using the marketplace you can buy or sell metaverse land that has already been minted. The advantage of using the marketplace over placing an offer on a piece of land owned by someone else using the Map is that in the Marketplace you can buy land instantly, without having to wait for the owner to accept or reject your offer.

While on the Marketplace page, you can easily buy land by selecting the suitable filters like the tile count, maximum and minimum pricing, or even by searching a specific username and checking all the tiles it has for sale.

5.  Rewards

how to get nextearth rewards units

Through the Rewards program, users can earn UNITS by inviting other people, participating in contests, and performing different marketing tasks such as signing up for their newsletter, visiting their Facebook page, joining their Telegram, registering on their website, and so on.

The UNITS can be used to pay for a maximum of 50% of the value of your Next Earth virtual land purchase, where 10 UNITS = 1 USD.

6.  Trading History

With its historical price data page, you may get a comprehensive picture of this platform’s pricing history. On this page, you can see all the recent activity for land on Next Earth. This includes when a piece of land was bought or sold, as well as any offers that were made and accepted. This is a great way to get an idea of what pieces of land are in demand and what the current market value is for different types of land.

7.  DAO Vote

Charity pool voting for May 2022 in Next Earth

This area allows users to help decide how the charity pools should be divided amongst different charity campaigns, by voting. To be eligible for voting, you need to be a Next Earth land owner.

8.  Users Leaderboard

This section displays the top 50 users on Nextearth, based on the number of land tiles they own, and the amount of owned NFTs.

9.  Wallet

By clicking the wallet icon, you will have the possibility to connect your wallet either through WalletConnect or directly with MetaMask. However, if you cannot see the MetaMask button, you might first need to install the MetaMask Chrome extension.

Next Earth Roadmap (Q2 – Q3 2022)

The Next Earth Metaverse includes the following upcoming features and updates, planned for Q2 and Q3 2022:

1. Core Platform

This update will include crucial improvements and additional features to the core platform. They stated that by the end of July 2022, people will be able to register only by connecting with their crypto wallets, the email address not being required anymore.

  • Wallet authentication login (July 2022)
  • App UI/UX upgrade (August 2022)
  • Marketplace improvements

2. Land features upgrade

This update, planned for the latest August 2022, has one of the most exciting features – tiles will generate Units.

  • Unit generation
  • Land merge and split
  • Land description

3. PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service)

The following features are planned for September 2022:

  • Dynamic NFTs and minerals
  • Boxed game utility
  • API suite


  • Launchpad 2.0 – Major updates (June 2022)
  • The release of the first Launchpad project (end of August 2022)
  • Staking (end of October 2022)

Nextearth vs Upland: What are The Differences?

These are the main differences between Nextearth and Upland:


Upland Metaverse is focused on the US market, while Nextearth is available globally.


Nextearth is designed specifically for blockchain-based properties, while Upland offers a more traditional real estate marketplace experience.


Nextearth is still in development and adding new features on a regular basis, whereas Upland has a more robust feature set.

Currency used

In Upland, virtual properties can be bought and sold either for USD or UPX, which is the native currency that can be used only inside the game.

On the other hand, in Nextearth, all transactions are made through MATIC (Polygon), which is a cryptocurrency that can be bought and sold on all the major crypto exchanges like Binance or Coinbase. Nextearth has also released recently its own native cryptocurrency NXTT, and as they mentioned on their whitepaper “All transactions on Next Earth will be done through NXTT in the future.”


In terms of gameplay, Upland is more like a traditional real estate game, where players can buy and sell virtual properties, build houses and businesses on them, and collect rent from other players.

Nextearth, on the other hand, is focused on exploration, metaverse world events like concerts, virtual land purchases and NFT Land Art creations, and resource gathering (upcoming feature).

Final Thoughts

According to analytics businesses, metaverse real estate sales surpassed $500 million last year and are expected to double this year. Metaverse platforms like Next Earth are giving users a fun, easy way to invest in digital real estate and make money online. By following the tips in this guide, you can easily get started with this platform and acquire your first piece of virtual land. And this concludes our Next Earth guide.

Next Earth Guide FAQs

What is the maximum allowed size for a purchased land?

You can purchase a max. of 1000-tile lands, bigger sized lands can only be purchased from land pack owners on the marketplace.

Can I buy virtual land with USD?

No, you cannot buy virtual land directly with USD, but you can buy MATIC with real money from popular exchanges like Binance, and then use MATIC to purchase your virtual land.

What countries are included in Next Earth Map?

In Next Earth, the entire world is included on the map. You can easily find a specific real-world location by using the search field, same as you would on Google Maps.

Can I try Next Earth on mobile?

Yes, you can try Next Earth on mobile devices. However, for the best user experience, we recommend that you use a desktop computer or laptop.

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