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Upland Metaverse Guide: How to Buy & Sell Virtual Property (2022)

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In a digital world where people can buy and sell virtual properties, one company is leading the pack. Upland Metaverse is a blockchain metaverse platform that allows players to buy, sell, and trade virtual property with ease. With over 2 million NFTs minted and 100,000 virtual property owners to date, Upland is quickly becoming one of the best metaverse real estate projects.

In Upland Metaverse, all properties correspond to real-world addresses so that you can trade your virtual land for actual cash. The game also has its own native currency, the UPX token, which can be used to buy and sell properties and other in-game NFTs.

Upland Metaverse: Overview

What Is Upland Metaverse?

what is upland metaverse

Upland is a free-to-play online game built on the EOS blockchain, that allows players to purchase, develop, and trade virtual properties within a dynamic and ever-expanding metaverse.

As a player of Upland, you’ll have the opportunity to get involved in the world of virtual land development and can use the game’s easy-to-use tools and guides to learn about the different property types and land features that are available.

Upland Info

Name Upland
Type Play-to-Earn Game
Genre Open-World
Platforms PC iOS Android
Release Date January 2020
Free-to-Play Yes
Token Name UPX
Blockchain EOS
Get 50% bonus on your first UPX buy

Furthermore, this game uses blockchain technology to facilitate these transactions, and UPX tokens are used as the currency. This results in a virtual economy, which can be quite lucrative for savvy players.

This makes it fast and efficient, perfect for use in the Upland game. Players can buy virtual properties such as houses, businesses, and metaverse lands. These NFTs can be traded with other players or sold on the open market.

The game also features a unique quest system that allows players to earn rewards as they progress. Upland is the perfect game for those who are looking to access the metaverse or looking for a lucrative way to make money online by investing in virtual properties. With its blockchain technology and UPX tokens, the game provides a safe and secure way to trade NFTs.

What Does Upland Offer?

Upland offers a new way of looking at upland virtual property ownership. In the game, players can buy, sell, or trade virtual properties in real-time using blockchain technology and UPX tokens.

The game also features a player-driven economy, with all transactions on the blockchain. This means that players have full control over their in-game assets and can be sure that their transactions are secure.

The game is meant to be very user-friendly, allowing both gamers and cryptocurrency newcomers to quickly join and play and it is available on PC and mobile devices.

As players have the chance to earn real money, they are encouraged to play because most systems in traditional games do not offer the possibility for players to earn money.

How Does Upland Work?

In the Upland metaverse game, in-game assets have real-world value and can be sold for USD through a partnership with Tilia. The game focuses on three main tenets — plays, earn and connect, where players can buy, sell, and trade virtual properties in the game.

Users simply need to provide their email addresses and complete their first mission to receive 3,000 UPX as a starting bonus if they wish to join the game. After that, they will have the opportunity to purchase virtual properties and rent them out in the game.

Upland Block Explorers

upland block explorers
Upland Block Explorers

In online games, avatars are used to identify a player. Avatars in Upland are called block explorers and were introduced in October 2019. Block explorers are designed to move to nearby blocks and neighborhoods and find proprieties with the best price.

Traveling Between Cities in Upland

In Upland Metaverse, you have 2 possibilities to travel between cities, by using the Air Travel feature, or by Train, each having its own UPX cost and duration.

Air Travel

Upland air travel

Between San Francisco to New York, flights are the most common way of transportation. Depending on your location in Upland, in order to board a flight, you need to send your explorer either to John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) or to San Francisco International Airport (SFO).

Once you have located the airport, click on it and choose a terminal. Once your block explorer has reached the airport, click the terminal icon closest to you to open the Flights Menu, where you can see all the available flights.

Once the duration of travel is over, you can click the disembark button and you can now explore the newly entered city.

Train Travel

Upland train travel

Train traveling is a convenient and inexpensive way to travel between cities in Upland Metaverse, but the travel duration is also longer. To travel by train, you need to:

  1. Send your explorer: Start by sending your explorer to the desired train terminal on the map. A popup window will then prompt you to choose which station you wish to travel to and the UPX cost from your location to the train terminal
  2. Select the city: Once your explorer has reached the train terminal, select the desired city from the list
  3. Purchase the ticket: Click on the green button mentioning the UPX price for your ticket (for example from Chicago to Detroit it will cost you 100 UPX)
  4. Confirm the purchase: Confirm the ticket purchase and a popup window will appear where you can see the duration of your travel
  5. Wait: When the duration of travel is over, click “Disembark”.

Upland Properties

Players can buy color-coded properties either on Upland’s Minted or unminted market. These prices vary depending on demand and are denominated in both UPX (Upland’s currency) and USD.

The game doesn’t use real money but rather a cryptocurrency called Upland tokens (UPX) that can be bought with USD and can be used to purchase unminted properties.

Players can also buy FSAs (Fair State Act) properties, but in order to do so, they need to have a Visitor or Uplander status. These are developed in the game to help new players find affordable properties.

Property Colors and Parcels

In Upland Metaverse, real-world locations, coordinates, and dimensions are used to create these parcels, and you can see their outlines on the map if you zoom in close enough. These property parcels are classified in several colors, each with different meanings:

  • Gray: unminted (never minted on the blockchain). These properties have never been owned, you would essentially be creating them for the first time on the grey outlined “area”. Minting will give you the mint price from the system. 
  • Light green: properties in the “discovery range” of your explorer.
  • Dark green: Properties owned by other players, listed for sale with price (you can buy them at the listed price or make a different offer).
  • Light blue: owned by other players, not listed for sale (but you can still make an offer).
  • Dark blue: your properties (owned by you).

UPX Yield

Properties in Upland have an annual yield of approximately 17% of their value. This yield is generated through in-game activity, like property appreciation and rental income, as well as through Metaverse events that occur from time to time.

The annual yield on Upland Metaverse properties is around 17% of their value. For instance, if a property’s mint price is 20,000 UPX, the owner will receive about 3,400 UPX every year.

How to Buy Virtual Property in Upland?

Buying someone else’s property is quite easy:

  1. Find a property: find an available property on the map and click on it. If the property is available for sale, you will see its price in UPX
  2. If the price is listed: Click the Buy button if the price is listed and the seller’s price is acceptable to you and confirm the purchase. The property will be transferred to your portfolio immediately.
  3. If the price is not listed: If the price is not listed, you can make an offer by clicking on the “Offer” button.
  4. Offer type: After clicking the Offer button, a new window will appear, and you have the possibility to choose between a UPX offer or a Property switch offer. If you choose the UPX offer, type the price you have in mind and click “Make Offer“. Otherwise, for a Property type offer, select one of the properties that you want to trade and click “Make Offer“.
  5. The owner will then have the option to accept, decline, or counter your offer.
buy Upland property

How to Sell Virtual Properties in Upland?

If you want to sell one of your properties in Upland, follow these quick steps:

  1. Click on your avatar: While logged into your Upland Metaverse account, click on your portfolio avatar visible in the top left corner of your screen.
  2. Access the Assets tab: Once you click on your avatar, a popup window will appear in the middle of your screen, which contains your details. Next to the “Details” tab, you’ll see a tab called”Assets”. Click on it.
  3. Pick a property: From the assets list, click on the property you want to sell. Then, set the price you want to sell it for and click on the “Sell” button.
  4. Once someone buys your property, the UPX will be credited to your account immediately.
sell Upland property

Selling Upland Virtual Properties on the Secondary Market

One of the many benefits of achieving the Uplander status is that you will have the possibility to sell your Upland properties on the secondary market for a fixed price, in both UPX and USD.

In order to sell a property in USD, players will have to join the NFT-to-USD program, which gives players the opportunity to sell their NFTs directly for US dollars.

What is Minting a Property in Upland?

Minting a property in Upland Metaverse basically means buying a new property that hasn’t been owned by someone else before.

The minting process is similar to buying a property from another player, the only difference being that your block explorer needs to be in the vicinity of the property you want to mint.

How To Mint a Brand New Virtual Property in Upland?

Upland unminted properties in discovery range
Upland FSA properties in the discovery range

To mint a new property in Upland Metaverse, you will need to send your explorer to a property owned by someone else, and close to the unminted property you want to buy, by clicking on it, and then clicking “Send”.

Once the property is in your explorer’s “discovery range,” it will turn bright green, and you can click on it to purchase it.

The properties in the range of your block explorer will turn bright green, upon which you can click on them to mint them by clicking the “Buy” button.

Important to note is also the amount of UPX that will cost you to send your block explorer to this specific property, visible in the top left corner of the small window containing the property description and other useful features.

send block explorer Upland

Next, you’ll need to use one of your sends to get there. You have a certain amount of sends that you get per day, but you can get additional sends ( they look like paper airplanes ) by clicking on them all over the map while your block explorer is in their range area.

Upland paper airplane send out

Upland Marketplace Analytics

A convenient way to find properties to buy in Upland is to use the Marketplace Analytics feature. To do that, first visit the Upland website, and under the “Community” tab, you’ll have “Marketplace Analytics”.

Upland marketplace analytics
Upland Marketplace Analytics

The page is divided into three main sections:

  • Upland Secondary Marketplace Activity – where you can see the average daily transaction volume, for 30 days or 90 days period.
  • Unminted Properties – By using this tool you can easily find unminted properties and other useful info such as the price, the average mint price based on the selected cities, and the number of available properties.
  • For Sale Properties – Here you can find properties that are being sold by other players in Upland Metaverse.

Once you’ve found a property to purchase, copy the address, and inside the Upland game, on the bottom right corner of your screen, click the search icon. After that paste the address you’ve just copied and click on the property in the list.

Upland Spark

Spark is the equivalent of crafting hours. If you want to build a home on your property, you need spark hours.

For instance, to build an apartment, you need 5800 spark hours. If you own 3 sparks, it will take you 5800/3 = 1,933 hours ( approximately 80.5 Days) to build your apartment.

Your spark cannot be consumed, transferred, or sold, and you can remove it from the structure at any point after you finish it.

How to get Spark?

Upland spark bonus - daily check-ins
  1. Daily Check-ins: By Logging in seven days in a row you will receive a randomized spark bonus. Any missed logins will reset your progress.
  2. Upland Store: Spark can be bought through the Upland store. Unfortunately, only a limited amount is sold and is sold at a base rate of $460/spark, with 1 spark being the maximum amount that can be purchased.
  3. Player Status: Upgrading your player status gives you additional spark, and each level comes with a certain amount. The Director status (1,000,000 UPX) rewards you with 0.5 sparks, where the Executive (10,000,000 UPX) rewards you with 1 spark, and lastly, the chief executive (100,000,000 UPX) rewards you 2 sparks.
  4. Treasure Hunts: Participating in Treasure Hunts and other Upland special events can also reward you with additional sparks.

Upland Treasure Hunts

upland treasure hunts
Upland Treasure Hunts

As an Uplander, you have the opportunity to take part in three different types of treasure hunts: Standard, Limited, and Exclusive.

The Standard treasure hunt is open to everyone and can be completed once every 24 hours. If you want to take part in the hunt a second time in one day, it will cost you 100 UPX. You’ll be racing against the clock to find the treasure.

The Limited treasure hunt is available to users having a Visitor (freemium) account and also for those having an Uplander status and above. This hunt functions similarly to the Standard one but with more exclusive prizes.

The Exclusive treasure hunt In this event the treasure won’t be a standard chest but more like a piñata, you need to tap to get the UPX out of it. This is definitely the most challenging and rewarding of the three hunts.

Collections in Upland Metaverse

upland collections
Upland Collections

As players collect more and more properties, they will also have the opportunity to complete Collections. These are groups of properties with a shared theme or location, and each one will offer players a bonus UPX payout once it is completed. In order to receive the bonus, players will need to own the required number of properties within the Collection – no more and no less.

How to Complete Collections in Upland?

Once a player has the required number of properties, they can go to the “Edit Collection” page and select the Collection they wish to complete. Upon doing so, they will receive their UPX bonus and see that the properties in that Collection now have their yield boosted by 1.1X.

The more difficult Collections grant rewards of over 10,000 UPX and can boost their properties by 2X or even 3X. Players can also choose to incomplete a Collection at any time by deselecting the properties they wish to remove from it.

This can be useful if a player wants to sell off some of their properties to afford others or simply wants to change up the Collections they are working on. There is no penalty for incomplete a Collection, so players are free to add and remove properties from them as they see fit.

What is UPX?

upland upx token

The EOS mainnet’s primary in-game currency and the fungible token is UPX. UPX can be acquired via third-party vendors in the Upland store with USD via Paypal or with cryptocurrency. The UPX token is used to buy, or sell virtual properties within Upland, or to purchase in-game items.

How to Buy UPX

how to buy UPX in Upland

UPX may be purchased in the Upland Store using a credit card, PayPal, or other cryptocurrencies. On the top right-hand corner of the screen, click on “Get UPX” to buy it.

Players that own Upland Status can also gain UPX by selling their properties and NFTs on the public marketplace once they’ve achieved Uplander Status. The online NFT marketplace where users may buy and sell UPX is known as the Upland store.

How to earn UPX in Upland?

In Upland you can earn UPX tokens in multiple ways:

  1. You can earn UPX passively by owning virtual real estate, called properties, in Upland. Each property generates UPX at a rate of approximately 17% of the base mint price.
  2. You can also earn UPX by taking part in treasure hunts and by completing Collections.
  3. Another great, quick way to earn UPX in Upland Metaverse, is using a referral link to register your Upland account. When you use a referral code you get a 50% bonus UPX on your first purchase.
    So for example, if you buy 50,000 UPX ( $49.99 ), you will receive a 25,000 UPX bonus after this first UPX purchase. You can use our referral code by clicking the button below and registering your Upland account.
  4. Finally, UPX can be earned by staking spark, to help others build properties, while you earn UPX. For more details on this you can watch this video:

Upland vs. Decentraland

The following are the major distinctions between Upland Metaverse and Decentraland:

Upland is based on the EOS blockchain, but Decentraland is based on the Ethereum blockchain, hence the costs in Decentraland are greater. Users can buy and sell land in both metaverses.

upland vs decentraland

Decentraland is a virtual world completely crafted by the creators with very few similarities in terms of visuals to the real world, whereas Upland is a virtual world with real-world landmarks, which makes it unique.

Decentraland is also more focused on user-generated content, while Upland is more focused on providing a virtual world for people to explore.

Upland also focuses on collectibles, with a larger variety of items that can be bought, sold, or traded. It has a native currency called UPX, which is used to buy, sell, or trade virtual assets within the game.

In contrast, Decentraland uses two tokens- MANA and LAND. MANA is used to buy virtual assets within the game, and LAND is used for virtual real estate.

Upland allows you to evaluate market dynamics in certain locations. In contrast, in Decentraland, users have to rely on community feedback to get an idea of how much their property is worth.
In terms of gameplay, Upland is more focused on collecting and trading, whereas Decentraland is more focused on exploration and social interaction.

Who Is Behind Upland Metaverse?

Upland was created and is operated by Uplandme, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based company with support from organizations such as Block, one (creators of the EOS blockchain), and veterans from the gaming, real estate, and technology industries.

The company was founded by Idan Zuckerman, Mani Honigstein, and Dirk Lueth, and includes specialists from all around the world, as well as a development division in Ukraine.

Upland’s mission is to give everyone ownership of virtual property in the real world so that they can use it, trade it, or develop it however they see fit. The Upland metaverse is a parallel world to our own, where people can buy and sell virtual properties using EOS tokens. These properties are based on real-world locations, and the market determines their value.


Upland offers lucrative ways to earn UPX, either by owning property in Upland that generates UPX passively (even more when the right collections are activated), by flipping virtual properties for profit, by staking spark (same as you would stake cryptocurrency), or through treasure hunts, among other ways. So if you’re looking for a fun and easy way to invest in metaverse and NFTs, Upland is definitely the right platform.


Can I sell Upland property on Opensea.io?

No, the Upland properties cannot be sold on Opensea, they can only be sold in-game for UPX or USD.

What US cities are included in Upland?

At this time (June 12, 2022) there are 18 US cities included in Upland: Bronx (NY), Los Angeles (CA), San Francisco (CA), Chicago (IL), Detroit (MI), Cleveland (OH), Queens (NY), Nashville (TENN), New Orleans (LA), Kansas City (MO), Rutherford (NJ), Santa Clara (CA), Bakersfield (CA), Staten Island (NY), Oakland (CA), Brooklyn (NY), Fresno (CA), and Manhattan (NY).

What countries are in Upland?

At the moment Upland is focused on the US market only.

Is Upland an NFT game?

Yes, in Upland the properties, the avatars, and other in-game assets are all represented by NFTs.

Can you get real money from Upland?

Yes, you can make real money in USD by trading properties on the secondary marketplace.

Is UPX a cryptocurrency?

No, UPX is not a cryptocurrency. The coin is solely a utility token used in-game to buy and sell properties and other in-game NFTs, despite its existence on the blockchain.

Can I play Upland on mobile?

Yes, you can play Upland on both iOS and Android-based mobile devices.

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